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"Please let me be myself....!" Have you ever heard your soul is yelling like this? After being fed up of pretending : presenting yourself as someone else to the world.
Everyone of us has played this game, may be when you are with your crush, with your boss or with whom you want to impress. You feel like it's not real you that they see. Yet you don't want to change it, because you are afraid of loosing their attention. You hide yourself behind a "MASK".

The reason may be different : to impress some one, not to be neglected or to hide your own emotions, but most of the time you use a mask. So do I. Sometimes we have a collection of masks to be put on based on our immediate environment. Rather to meet different masks out there. Now if you feel "this is not my story", well! that is fantastic! But to be honest it is not the case.

Life is almost a masquerade party where everyone is wearing a mask and doing pretty crazy stuff. They know they are secured behind the MASK. We need this feeling of security because most of us always bother about others more than ourselves. We always hesitate what others would think about oneself, how would they react or would they laugh at us. Ultimately, your heart is getting heavy with the fear of being rejected, ignored  and criticized. That fear forces you to put on a MASK. You try to make sure that you present yourself as it suits to the society.

Sometimes the society itself forces to hide our true inner selves. Expressing your true opinions on something may be destructive. In other case your views might not be compatible with others'. May be things are going wrong with you, yet you have to put a smile in your face, because no one is there to care. In each of these cases we have to be with a mask.

Sometimes we use masks neither because of the fear being rejected nor the expectations of the society, but for our benefits. It's an open secret that politicians are pretending in front of the public to retain their power. Not only them but also us, in our day to day life, hide our true selves in order to have benefits.

Whatever the reasons we are wearing masks, we add layers and accessories that add more credibility to the costume. Gradually the costume become heavier and heavier until it becomes to a point where you are living in someone else's life.

We end up with mental and physical exhaustion. We get burnt out from the effort of trying to maintain a facade. We breakup with ourselves - most valuable relationship in this planet. At the end, we will have a life full of suffering, or at least a life not enjoyable. We  lose our authenticity. Our own thoughts, own views and ideas would be buried with our dead bodies which could have changed the world or at least our own lives.
So get real. Let the world identify you as YOU. You are another master piece on this earth.

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