Difference between what we do and what we have to do


Gold is more expensive than Silver

Platinum is the most expensive among silver, gold and platinum 

Comparative and superlative forms of adjectives: I’m pretty sure each one of you has learnt those things at your English Grammar class. But, have you ever thought why such forms called “comparative and superlative” do exist? Think for a second. That is because we want to measure, filter or quantify things we see, we hear and we feel. In one word we want to “Compare” things around us.
Believe it or not comparison is something we do as many times as we are breathing in our lives. Honestly, can you remember a single day in which you didn’t get even a sense of comparison?

Today’s is hotter than yesterday 

Yeah, I completed more work today. \m/

She looks prettier in that dress.

No, there is no a single day in our lives so far, that we have spent without comparing something to something else. If you try to get your memory when you started this “Comparison” business, most probably it might be when you even didn’t know the meaning of this word.
When your relatives visited to see newly born you, one of the most 
important things they wanted to know is whether you looked like your mother or your father. For the first time comparison touched your ears. Journey began.  As you are growing you search for more attention, more affection and more appreciation. Most of the times you get into silly fights with your siblings just because you feel, they get more. The journey continues in the school time and becomes worse when adolescence comes. You want to be prettier, more attracting and more outstanding.  This is endless until we go to the grave and strangely it has become a part of our lives. We compare our houses, cars, our jewelry, our kids, our dresses and blah blab  blah blab  . It is better to ask what we don’t compare rather than what we compare.  
If this is simply an observation, that would be one thing, but comparing ourselves to others, we often end up judging ourselves. The thing about comparison is there is never a win. How often do we compare ourselves with someone less fortune than us and consider ourselves blessed? More often, we compare ourselves with someone who we perceive as being, having or doing more. 

“Envy is ever joined with comparing man’s self and where there is no comparison there is no envy.” ~ Francis Becon
The same door that is half closed can be seen as half opened. Same thing applies in comparison. Sometimes comparison is worth every bit of it. Do you know comparison eventually leads to competition? Do you believe almost all the world records are results of comparisons? Once this was said by the fastest woman of our nation Susanthika Jayasinghe. In a 100m finals in a major international event such as Olympic competitiveness is at its peak. When the event begins, as the silver medal holder comes closer and closer the gold medal holder speeds up and reaches to a world record. You have no idea how much you can do until you see a challenge to compete with you.

On the other hand, if you are wise enough you can use comparison to tell yourself that you are luckier than thousands of people in this world and keep your moral up.

“When you are complaining about what you have someone is fighting to have it”

Why are you wasting your valuable time thinking about others, comparing yourself to others? Compare yourself to you.

How has your life improved?

What you have done recently that you never thought you could do?

How have you stepped out in the last years you might found inconceivable before?

The most amazing thing in the world is finding who you are rather than peeping into others’ souls. So compare you who are today to who you were yesterday. Try to put one step forward everyday. Eventually you would have come a long way.

Comparison is something that has the power to build a soul as well as to kill. It’s up to you to choose your way. It’s your attitude towards comparison. Wait..!
“Attitude determines altitude….!” 


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